• Mountainview Countryhouse
  • Master Bedroom
  • View from the Back Deck
  • Great Golfing...just a few minutes away
  • Front Door
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Fabulous Hiking...just a few minutes away
  • World Class Fishing...just a few minutes away
  • Chilliwack Attractions...just a few minutes away

Refresh your spirit. Restore your soul. Unleash your creativity  on 19 acres of outstanding beauty.

Swimming pool, hot tub, pool table, wifi, satellite TV, Apple TV, fire pit, wood burning fireplaces… for fun and relaxation.

Mountain View feels like a world away. Tucked into a mountainside, the air is so fresh and clean it invites you to slow down, inhale deeply and relax. Our guests often say, “the minute we arrived, the stresses of city life faded away”.

Food, wonderful food.

Meals can be provided. Please enquire!

Be awestruck by nature. Stunning mountain views. A perfectly black night sky. Millions of stars.

Rediscover and gain a new perspective on your health, spirituality, project or life.

Let silence be your guide. 

You will find your thoughts slowing down, your breath finding new rhythm and your heart rediscovering its primal song.

 Discover the deep silence and beauty of lush hikes in the woods on 19 acres.

Artists, business persons, spiritual groups all find their clarity and creativity flowing more naturally while at Mountain View.

Your booking can include food, overnight accommodation, audio visual, white board, chairs, tables, use of all facilities, meeting room, wifi, fax, long-distance calling.

Please contact us at 604-975-7577 for bookings for 8-20 persons.  Non profits – a 10% discount applies on retreats that include food.

The Mountain View Experience :

Our menu will include: Fresh, delicious food and a choice of decadent desserts.

Add a vegetarian option to every meal.

Three meals – with lots of delicious fresh vegetables and salads.

Two snacks each day.

Filtered water, coffee, tea-all day long.

Fresh fruit anytime.

Decadent desserts.

Rates with food to be determined. Just ask for a quote!