MountainView Retreat  is the place where life changing stories unfold and I am mesmerized by every single one of them. He was in his late thirties, originally from Trinidad and  a doctor.He had piercing blue eyes ,almost ebony skin, a most striking face and the gaiety of a man who has made peace with his sexual preference.

This was his first trek west and he was awed by the beauty  of   Vancouver  and the Fraser Valley  that we take for granted every day. Standing on the back deck looking south to the spectacular Elk Mountains, he was speechless. He had come to MountainView Retreat and Conference for a 2 day corporate training. He was looking to gain some clarity about his next steps as a business coach  and he had come here so he could think  more clearly, far from the intensity of his life in Toronto.

It was so wonderful to hear him say that  his problems were dwarfed by the majesty of  mountains towering over the pastures as sheep grazed in the distance. He would hang out on the  back deck or pool deck every chance he got, just drinking in the light dancing across the mountain peaks. The silence and unspoiled beauty was something  he hadn’t even known he needed, but somehow he had found his way here. And nature welcomed him with regular shows by deer, eagles, beautiful birds and the melodious MountainView Creek.

I love to to see the stress and fatigue fall off our guests as they breathe in the fresh mountain air or sit in silence under a pure black night sky with millions of stars. Even two days in nature  refreshes the  spirit and gives new perspective. I was just meant to be there, witnessing  their joy and being assured that all the struggles we have endured in holding on to this property were worth it. It was  unusual for me to be cooking and cleaning for a retreat, but  my staff was unable to  make it  and I was given the gift of  serving this delightful group of business coaches and trainers.

I  felt like I was experiencing Babette’s Feast as I made my favourite dishes- pizza with barbecue chicken, pesto, red onion and spinach, a fresh and simple tomato and bocconcini salad with fresh basil and quinoa salad with roasted vegetables.It was so wonderful to be serving them,and their delight was my great reward.