Are you available for retreats, conferences and corporate meetings as well?

Yes, we are and we can provide food, meeting rooms and  audiovisual equipment as needed. We also host special events as needed.

When is Mountain View open?

We are open year round. We are located within 30 minutes of Abbotsford and about 45-60 minutes from Langley.

What are the seasons like?

Fall is lovely, crisp and cool with some great fishing in the Vedder River. Winter often brings us snow and there are lovely areas right on the 19 acres for a good hike, some snow-shoeing or cross country skiing. There are two wood burning fireplaces and a wonderful hot tub. Spring is lovely, the deer come out for regular visits and the birds are happy to share their joy with us. Summer is the very best, as we get about 5 degrees hotter here than in the valley.

How do I know if Mountain View is available?

Check the calendar, it is updated with each new booking.

Can we have food provided?

Yes. Please go to the Retreats and Meetings page for more information.

How do I pay my Security Deposit?

The Security Deposit is $500 and can be made by scrolling down landing page to Pay Security Deposit Here.

Is there a cleaning fee?

Yes, it is $150.




The calendar below shows the available dates for you to book your stay. The red indicates already booked dates.

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